In ExploreWorld24 we respect your privacy and anonymity the most, since this is a fundamental aspect of smooth and risk-free web surfing. We do not compromise online security by any means, since this is what we struggle for! All the visitors are able to enjoy quality content without jeopardizing their sensitive data in any manner.

User Data Collection & Usage

When it comes to gathering information, we only aim at improving the overall user experience any way we can. This is the reason why any log (in form of cookies) is kept. Details such as your preferred language or the browser that you use can help enlighten us on how to better our content presentation to you. The same goes for your IP address, too. As a matter of fact, every single website on the Internet collects the exact sort of data when you visit it. That’s only to provide you the best possible browsing experience, and similarly ExploreWorld24 collect such data too – in an attempt to make your experience better, only. We believe it’s worth mentioning here that we only collect your cursory, and not private data.

Use of Cookies

Cookies will also be used, moving in the same direction as above. In order for you you as a web visitor to get the top quality outcome that you are entitled to, it is strongly suggested that you enable cookies, rather than disable them and miss out on several details that make a difference in the web performance of ExploreWorld24.

Comments & Third Party Links

As far as comments by third parties on our website are concerned, we can in no way be held accountable for what is published online. We are only responsible for what is published under the belt of ExploreWorld24. However, the website admins try their best to only approve the honest and ethic remarks, as they hold the right to edit any comment in order to bring it in line with SG editorial principles. Having said that, ExploreWorld24 cannot take any kind of responsibility for any link leading you outside of this site. For all those external links, kindly checkout the Privacy Policy of respective third-party (external) web pages for more information.

Change to Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is not easy to change, but there are several details that might be added or extracted along the way. ExploreWorld24 is free to change its privacy at will, at any given time. So, you are kindly advised to check through the updates of the Privacy Policy from time to time.

Affiliated Websites

ExploreWorld24 works with affiliates in an attempt to be on top of providing only the premium content and help to SG community, therefore, we sometimes insert affiliate links into the posts that earn this site a little commision without costing extra money to the reader. But in addition here, our affiliates are required to provide us complete information about their products and services, and remain in contact with us about their features and offering coming up.

But in a connection with our privacy policy, any information collected by ExploreWorld24’s affiliates is collected under their own scope of the Data Collection and Privacy – we’re not responsible for that it any way. SG doesn’t hold any sort of responsibility for any information you provide to the Affiliate websites by any means on their website.

Under normal circumstances, our mission behind this ALL function is to allow ourselves to function as a main source from where users can find out about the latest developments and happenings in online security world.

Protecting your Information

If you don’t know about our tagline till now, here it’s for you – Care to be ExploreWorld24. So we think our tagline pretty much clears everything related to protecting your information. A secure sever cluster being situated in an extremely secure data center is used by us to protect all of the information you provide us with. We’ve invested a decent amount of money in equipment and highly qualified security staff to make sure that all information you enter is protected from access by any third party. You can measure how seriously we take your data protection from the fact that, even our own engineers have only the necessary and restricted access to your info internally. We also use various security measures to protect all of our connections to the Internet. Some of the security measures we take for our connections include, firewalls and regular security audits on all of our servers.

Anything Else

For anything that might be of help to you, do not hesitate to contact us via